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OBSAI System Spec V2.0

OBSAI System Ref Doc v2.0

OBSAI System Spec Appendix B

OBSAI System Spec Appendix C

RP Specifications


RP1_v2.1 RP1 Spec v2_1.pdf 1,019.33 kB


RP2_v2.1 RP2 V2_1.pdf 358.14 kB



RP4_v1.1 RP4_V1.1.PDF 57.22 kB

Module Specifications

TM Specification v1.0

GPM Specification v1.0

CCM Specification v1.0


RF Module Specification v1.01

Conformance Test Specifications

Compliance Process v1.0

OBSAI Conformance Test Specification v1.01

Conformance Test Report Template

Appendix B Conformance Test Cases Common for all modules v1.0

Appendix C Conformance Test Cases for RP2 and TM v1.0

Appendix D Conformance Test Cases for CCM v1.0

Appendix E Conformance Test Cases for BBM v1.0

Appendix F Conformance Test Cases for RP4 v1.0

Appendix G Conformance Test Cases for RP3 interface v4.0

Appendix H Conformance Test Cases for UDPCP v1.0

OBSAI Interoperability in Multi-Vendor WiMAX Base Station Architecture Environment

Radiocomp releases 4G Ready OBSAI RP3 v4.1 IP core for LTE, WCDMA and WIMAX